A Modern Day Fairtale

Once upon a time there was a feisty young woman who landed in New York City with a B.A. in Anthropology and not a plan in site. Of course she ended up in finance where she quickly developed a panache for sarcasm and keeping hedge fund traders in check. Her heart yearned for more and she soon found herself hustling creative for one of the largest advertising agencies on the island. 
One day our heroine found herself on the sandy shores of Buzios, Brazil and her life was never the same. In this small beach town she discovered jewelry, creativity and most importantly, joy. She came back to the Big Apple, promptly quit her job and threw herself in the study of her new favorite medium.
Jacqueline emerged from the rigor of The Gemological Institute of America and Studio Jewelers a new woman. She embarked on her greatest adventure yet-to-date, entrepreneurship. She began bringing love stories to life by helping clients design custom engagement rings under her company Salt + Stone. 
One day the evil sorcerer of disengagement and general disarray came to play and Ms. Stone found herself sacrificing creative integrity for the mighty dollar. She felt slightly lost, strangely hopeful and relieved to admit her surrender. In a strange twist of events, a new era of exploration began on the fateful day our madcap marketer found her Boulder, Colorado tribe.
Jacqueline discovered that her many years as a business owner provided a scrappy street-smart attitude and aptitude for making magic happen on a tight budget. She found jubilance when she unearthed her ability to take her previous challenges and transform them into powerful and productive lessons. Her forte into marketing consulting had begun.
These days you'll find Ms. Stone helping her marketing clients increase their digital footprint using thoughtful and engaging content that creates meaningful connections. She's developed quite a nasty reputation for only working with companies that operate with integrity and respect. 
Jacqueline tries to bring humility to her title as she knows she'll always have more to learn. This boss babe chooses to operate as a team. The fuel that feeds her soul is marked by fun, eccentricity, trend and partnership. Along the way, like many business owners, she's faced many hardships along the way, but the day she fell in love with the journey is the day the that the magic truly began.
Bubblegum and Duct Tape was born from fire and brimstone and a whole lot of laugher. Jacqueline Stone reigns supreme as fearless leader and her trusty cat Velcro serves as our treasured mascot. We're in the business in storytelling. And we're here to help YOU create happily ever after.
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