Metalsmithing school uses event marketing strategies to sell out classes and expand 


Boulder Metalsmithing Association


The Boulder Metalsmithing Association offers lots of ways to learn and get involved including workshops, demonstrations, and open studio​. Their workshops include fine jewelry courses on soldering techniques, casting skills, wax carving and much more. Open studio members have access to all studio tools and equipment include soldering stations in their convenient location in North Boulder.


Help establish the school as the very best in Colorado, increasing profile, attracting incredible instructors from across the country. Sell out classes and increase membership. Increase digital footprint.


Use event marketing techniques such as Meet-up and Facebook events to increase awareness on class offerings. Optimize website for search using keywords and meta descriptions. Retain intern to manage all social media accounts, creating beautiful content and creating consistency. Use an Instagram growth engine to help speed organic growth and become an Influencer in order to spread brand awareness.


Over the past year we were awarded funds from Google Adwords as a nonprofit. We also implemented the strategies listed above to obtain the following results:

  • Consistent sell-out of classes causing need for expansion of physical space to increase class roster

  • Traffic to the website increased 30%

  • Organic traffic (keywords) increased 22%

  • Referral website traffic increased 11%



Social Media Examples

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Studio Expansion

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