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Light-Life Technology


Light-Life Technology uses subtle energy fields derived from a combination of sacred geometry with quantum physics for unprecedented energy healing applications. The Light-Life Tools were invented by Slim Spurling in 1991. In 1997, Slim met Katharina Kaffl at his first workshop in Munich, Germany. In 2001, they were married. To Slim's intuitive genius, Katharina brought her extensive professional experience in business, finance, and practice as a healer to their union.Since Slim transitioned from his physical plane in 2007, Katharina carries on with his legacy and her commitment to take the Light-Life ® Tools out into the world.


Re-brand the company to welcome in the new generation of healers, create a dynamic and optimized e-commerce website and build digital marketing strategies to drive traffic to the website. Increase brand awareness and sales.


Re-brand the company to ensure messaging and aesthetic is consistent across all mediums including photography, website and logo.  Develop weekly blog that showcases the tools capabilities and breaks down complex metaphysical ideologies into each to understand concepts to break down entry barriers. Create and implement strategic social media calendar that supports upcoming events as well as the blog and newsletter. Review company structure and processes to look for any opportunities.


Over approximately a 1 year period a new logo, aesthetic and website was created for the client. The blog was launched. A new distributor program with required minimums was implemented. The following benchmarks were achieved:

  • Sales increased 241%

  • Website homepage bounce rate decreased from 51% to approximately 21%

  • Social media traffic to the site increased 7%

  • Email traffic to the site increased 12%





Social Media Example

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Blog Samples

Going with The Flow - June 2017

  • Studying the effects of the Light-Life Tools on water including the results of Dr. Masaru Emoto 's lab in Germany


Ask Katharina - Monthly Blog (Inception March 2017, continues on today)

  • An opportunity for the general public to write to the owners with questions about the tools and for the company's owner and CEO. Katharina has over 20 years of experience with the tools and is able to provide solutions to everyday concerns.

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