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The Founders of So Sound® share over 30 years of experience as pioneers in the growing fields of sound and music therapy, vibro/bio-acoustics and the development of patented Acoustic Resonance Technology™ (A.R.T.). Their experience in working with world-class medical and resort spas, health and wellness clinics, integrative body/mind therapists, corporate wellness directors, personal trainers, leadership coaches, yoga teachers and others; supports us in providing safe and comfortable, state of the A.R.T., stress management and performance improvement environments that literally make a sound and often profound difference in peoples lives.


Help the brand become the industry leader in sound healing and become recognizable world wide. Increase digital footprint and brand awareness.


Submit proposal to the Global Wellness Institute to lead the Sound Healing Initiative world wide. Optimize site for speed and search engines. Develop monthly podcast and bi-weekly blog to inform, educate and inspire their audience on the healing power of acoustic resonance therapy (ART).  Continue development of an ART-ist program that creates mutually beneficial sales strategy for the company and their distributors. Create and implement social media campaign that supports branding and sound healing awareness.


Over a six month period the following goals were achieved:

  • CEO is awarded Chairman position of Sound Healing Initiative of the Global Wellness Institute

  • Site speed increased to under 2 seconds from an average of 4.91 seconds to load (16.91 seconds on Chrome)

  • Homepage bounce rate decreased from 63% to 35%

  • Monthly website site traffic increased 342% 

  • Organic search traffic (keywords) increased 205%

  • Social media traffic increased 3,025%

  • Online application form and email campaign was created to promote ART-ist program

  • Podcast and blog established with award-winning musicians, authors and sound healing industry leaders


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Sound Healing Initiative

Global Wellness Institute_Sound Healing

Social Media Example

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Blog Samples

Interview with Chuck Hyde – Practitioner, Embodiment Master - October 2018

  • A one-on-one interview with Chuck Hyde, an Embodiment Master integrating So Sound Solutions into his work.

Sound Journeys and Heart Consciousness with Eben Alexander - August 2018

  • Best seller author of Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife, Eben Alexander takes time to talk about his journey and his perspective on the healing power of sound.

Sound Journeys and Heart Consciousuness - Eben Alexander
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